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Directions for the P.L.A.C.E. Assessment are below.


Go to our this website at:


Type in the Activation Code: HUGATUXACU into the Activation Code Box (use an activation code only one time - to access a new assessment)


Create a User ID and your Unique Password only one time this is future login. 


DoNot use Activation Code more than once per person.


When you wish to return to your assessment later, you'll enter the User ID and Password to Continue your assessment. (This ID/PW will be given on screen after you provide your name and email address). You can watch the short (3-5 min) videos that precede each of the Assessment sections to give more background/overview for that assessment section. Answer all questions and complete all Assessment Sections (P, L, A, C, E) and click “I’m Done" after the Life Experience Section to indicate to your organization that you have finished and are ready for them to review your results.
Looking forward to seeing you on
Sat. Feb 1 @ 10am!


Any question call Rev. Dixon (972) 329-5030 ext. 31

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